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Document Management System - DMS

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Document Management System - DMS

Most global & local enterprises have created terabytes of unstructured content comprising documents, e-mail messages, videos, Web pages, and more. Lack of efficient management tools; however, prevent effective utilization of these valuable assets. Additionally, it poses the threat of non-compliance to regulatory requirements. Management of unstructured content thus has gained prime importance.

Our Document Management system (DMS) is a scalable, secure, multi-user Document Management and Workflow system. All Questek’s proposed & implemented DMS solutions allows organizations to manage image as well as electronic documents in a single central repository by providing central facility to store documents that can be accessed and shared between multiple users, across departments, multiple locations, and the entire enterprise. It manages the entire Document Lifecycle process both online & offline in an easy to use graphical user interface that supports extensive Document Management and workflow operations such as document acquisition, scanning support, annotation support. It also helps online form processing, automatic data capture, version control, and document delivery for efficient document processing.

Questek also pride itself on Content & Enterprise Management System (EMS) that allows many of our clientele to easily manage their business process documents through industry standards solution offered that enables them to store, retrieve, search and track documents electronically. Our many deployed solutions benefit most if not all our clients through: